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    It's been a while since I've done a changelog so figured it's time to do some updates! (I have been posting them in the discord, follow the button on the ribbon above to stay up to date with the server activities!)
    In the last announcement I put up a vote for us to decide a world name, voting closes this coming monday please click that link to cast a vote! - Follow up world name chosen by the community was "Krynn"
    Temp worlds removed to prevent additional writes to the harddrives when not particularly needed, creative world added.
    Additional plugins:
    - EpicSpawners - wiki page at /help
    - EpicHoppers - wiki page at /help - SignShop - wiki page at /help
    - CraftBook - wiki page at /help - UberEnchant - wiki page at /help
    Backed through popular demand, I have added in a vote plugin. Type /vote to see the GUI and click the bow to shoot off them votes. Voting is rewarded, $5 per vote with upcoming bonus rewards once I finish the configuration.
    Additional creative world: I have added in a creative world for us, this encompasses it's own inventory and this world is purely for creative design.
    It is organised and managed by a plot plugin all details of which can be found upon entering the world through /dream or /creative or using the portal at main spawn.

    Please note, most of our standard plugins have been disabled within this world, again it is purely for creative purposes.
    MobArena: I have spent a fair amount of time setting up and tweaking the new Mob Arena which is just west of main spawn, I am continuing to edit and configure it but it is playable.

    To take a look you can type /arena and to get straight into the action type /ma j select a kit by right clicking the signs and the ready up by right clicking on the iron block which will initiate the game! (Please note I'm currently investigating a bug, once at the final round (35) the arena is not kicking players when all mobs have been killed, you will need to manually type in the leave command which is "/ma l". This will still provide you with all rewards gained from within the arena itself.)
    Economy Updates: A nice follow on from mob arena, you can now gain $$$ from battling mobs in the arena, killing the dragon or selling items directly to the two buying shopkeepers at /mall whom have had an increase in their prices to help us bump up the economy!
    Anvil and Sign Colours: You can now use colour codes when writing a sign or adding a nametag onto an item through the vanilla anvil! To see a list of the formatting and colour options type /color or /colour (I'll let you decide which is the correct spelling
    CraftBook: I kept this one quiet, CraftBook allows me to alter some of the main game mechanics in interesting ways.
    - Leads: Leads now work on most mobs (I was dragging an iron golem around with me earlier!)
    - SignCopy: Inksac's now copy (rightclick) and paste(leftclick) information from one sign to another! - Chairs: You can now rightclick a stair block to sit in it!
    - Bridge: You can now have toggleable bridges, type /help to see the wiki!
    - Gate: You can now have toggleable gates, type /help to see the wiki! - Jukebox: Jukebox's can now be activated with a redstone pulse.
    - Painting selector: You can now rightclick a painting and then use your scroll wheel to change which image is displayed, right click again to stop editing. - MinecartEjector: Placing a Iron_Block under a standard rail will Eject the passanger onto a near by safe block (useful at the stations).
    - MinecartElevator: When a minecart on a rail comes reachers ladders/vines it will shoot the cart up 1 block, use multiples for higher distances.
    - HiddenSwitch: placing a sign with "[X]" on the 2nd line, directly above a lever will allow the block the sign is placed upon to act as an input. See the CraftBook wiki for more help.
    SignShop: You can now use the SignShop plugin to have control over certain things remotely as well as buying and selling items.
    Economy signs: [Buy] [Sell] [Slot]
    Wireless Redstone signs: [Device] [Toggle] (These are great for spawners) See the wiki above for help on setting them up!
    UberEnchant: You can now unenchant items, this will extract the enchantment and give it back to you in an enchanted book format. To user this simple hold the item and type /unenchant <enchant-name> or /unenchant <enchantment-number>. A list of enchants, their id names and id numbers can be seen by typing /enchants. Aliases for /unenchant are: /extract & /disenchant
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