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    How do I use shopkeepers? I hear you asking, simply follow the steps below!

    First we need to buy a shopkeeper, for this you want to head to the mall (/mall), once there you will notice selling signs on the four pillars surrounding the fountain. Right click the sigh to bring up the trading menu.

    From here, you need to head to your shop location. Whilst holding the egg in your hand you Right Click whilst not looking directly at a block (so aim at the sky). This will allow you to cycle through the shop option that are available for your Shopkeeper. These are as follows:
    Trading: This shop type trades item for item.
    Buying: This shop type buys items from players.
    Normal: This shop type sells items to players.
    Book: This shop type handles books.


    Once you have selected the type of shop you want to use its time to select the entity type, to do this simply hold down the Shift Key+Right Click (don't forget to remove that elytra!). This will cycle through the options available to you which are as follows:


    Great so you have selected the shop type and the entity type, its now time to link the shop!

    To do this you need to place down a new chest (it has to be placed recently and not an old chest) and simply Right Click the chest to select it and then Right Click where you wish to place your Shopkeeper. (Chests don't have to be right next to the shopkeeper, they can be further away however please keep them in the same world)


    From here its time to stock the shop, this is for both the Buying and Normal(Selling) shops.

    First things first, place the item you wish to buy/sell into the chest. (For selling this chest is your inventory, fill it up and you can use hoppers to semi-auto restock!)

    With the items in the chest you can now Shift + Right Click the Shopkeeper to bring up his GUI, you will see the item types you have put into the chest in his inventory and next to that you will see two barrier blocks. By Right Clicking on the Item you will increase the value in the trade by Right Clicking on the barrier blocks you increase the price of the trade. (shift right click for multiples of 10!). Left Click will do the opposite and decrease the values you have set. In the below example you will see i have selected 1 stone brick to be sold for 1 lapis block and I am yet to set a price for the stone on the left.


    Great so that is the buy/sell shop setup!

    Now you can also customise the Shopkeeper, did you know?
    On the right hand side of that same trading GUI you will see options to rename, change colour or delete the Shopkeeper. (Please note deleting the Shopkeeper will return the spawn egg to you!)


    So you wish to do some custom trades? Great!

    For this you want to make sure you have first selected Trading as your shop type, following the same steps above to link the chest, place the shopkeeper and fill the chest with the inventory you wish to trade. The difference with this trade is in the GUI, so instead of some barrier blocks you will see an empty GUI. This allows you to manually select the blocks you wish to trade for the blocks in the Shopkeeper's inventory, you do this by selecting the item in your own inventory and then clicking below the item in the GUI. Using the same method as before, you can then Right Click that the items to increase and Left Click to decrease their values. In the below example you will see I am trading stone bricks back to stone.


    If you wish to sell written books (not enchanted books, these follow the guides above) you must use the special book shopkeeper and in this case, you must put the written books you want to sell in the chest, then stock it with book & quill items. This could be useful for lore, if you wish to setup a story line to your city
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