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    So as you all know, we originally set gold as our choice for the economy. It seemed like a great idea at the time given the knowledge we had. As time has gone on and more "user acceptance testing" has happened it has become somewhat evident that gold is not a finite as we once thought, to the extent that any one with a mesa biome is rich.
    We had some proposals, do we just get rid of the hard economy altogether and go for a simple electronic one? Do we do away with economy all together and go for a player to player trading system? Or simply, do we switch the gold for another item, with the same properties (somewhat rare, somewhat pointless in its use) and go with that?

    Well there has been endless discussion... and I mean endless, over what we all think is best.
    It has been made very clear that we all like having the economy in place and the current system is favourable apart from gold being so easy to obtain. So I'm making the decision and keeping it simple.

    LAPIS. You called for it, you discussed and it makes enough sense so okay. As of THIS POST, lapis is our new official currency at a price of 1 lapis block for $1. (Please not this exchange rate is subject to change as we see fit to keep balance in the economy)

    *Those of you with a balance of $50+* -- I have created a vault inside the mall (turn right when you enter the mall) in which your current gold will be found, only accessible by yourself for withdrawal and your balance has been reset to $50.
    *Those of you already at $50 or below* -- You will not have a gold chest as your balance will not deviate enough to warrant this effort. Your balance too has been reset to $50.

    Any purchases made before this switch will still stand, your shops will still be yours to do with as you wish but do please update your shopkeepers accordingly.

    As a side note, I do encourage player to player trading, we are a community orientated server so dont feel you have to use the lapis standard, for example If you want to sell a diamond for some gunpowder, go right ahead.
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