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    Well, where do I start with this one, I love this plugin!

    EpicSpawners brings your spawners to a whole new level:
    • Break spawners with any pickaxe, silk-touch or non silk-touch
    • Spawners now display nametag above with type and tier level
    • Combine spawners together to create tiered spawners that are 2x, 3x, 4x and even 5x as powerful as a normal spawner so you can have 1 spawner placed instead of 5 thus saving space and allowing for more efficient and effective spawning rooms!
    • Convert spawners to switch their entity type (limited to skeleton / spider / zombie)
    • limit spawning within an area to 6 mobs (useful for non grinding setups, for ginders just have water move the mob away or have them drop ect so they move away from the spawning radius asap
    • Right click to open info GUI allowing for conversion ect.
    • Spawners are now redstone controlled (powered signal deactivates spawner) - this allows us to turn them on and off more effectively instead of relying on lighting techniques.
    So, how do I use this voodoo magic?

    As above, right click to open and view and then follow the GUI prompts to convert and upgrade as per the gif below.


    To upgrade a spawner you have two options, you can right click it with a spawner of the same type OR you can pay the $1000 fee inside the GUI documented above. You can upgrade a spawner 5 times thus increasing its spawn rate effectiveness. To lower the tier and retrieve a spawner back (say you wish to lower it from 5 to 4 and then use that additional spawner for something else) simply mine it as you would normally. To break tiered spawners and keep them as a tiered spawner (say you wish to sell a tier 5 spawner for example) simply sneak whilst mining the spawner to received it.

    You can now turn spawners on and off using redstone, an active redstone signal touching the spawner will turn it off. This can be as simple as placing a lever on one side of the spawner itself, remember to sneak-right click to place anything on the spawner itself (this is due to the upgrade by right clicking with another spawner mechanic).

    So with redstone ON/OFF switches we can improve on this by being able to use SignShop to create a wireless redstone signal. Simply place a lever on the spawner(s) you wish to control, create a SignShop [Toggle] sign as pictured below and link them by left clicking the lever(s) with redstone dust and then left clicking the [Toggle] sign with redstone dust.


    *HOT TIP*
    Remember, you can put anything on the 2nd and 3rd lines of the [Toggle] sign ,so you could use this to remind yourself which sign controls which spawners
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