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    EpicHoppers brings your hoppers and storage systems to a whole new level:
    • Easy to use self explanatory GUI
    • Wireless Hoppers
    • Upgrade hoppers to get better wireless range and also quicker sorting / wider sucktion range!
    • Filter multiple (6) different items within 1 hopper, allowing for much more company storage systems with ZERO redstone.
    • Link a hopper to one storage for white-list items and a separate storage for non-white-list items.
    • Add items to a void filter to remove certain items from your storage system (overflow protection)
    • Create a one-way teleportation link between a hopper and a storage chest allowing you to walk over the hopped and get sucked inside to then fly out of the chest at the other end! (create two sets to be able to go back and forth)
    So, how do I use this voodoo magic?
    The Gui is pretty straight forward as you can see here:
    Upgrade with XP: Free upgrade to the next Tier of EpicHoppers see upgrade spoiler for more details.
    Upgrade with Eco: Free upgrade to the next Tier of EpicHoppers see upgrade spoiler for more details.
    Click To Sync: Sync the wireless connection for all outgoing items (can be filtered)
    Click to Teleport: Teleport to the Sync'd destination (leftclick) or Switch the hopper to a "walk on" hopper where by you walk over the top of the hopper to be teleported instead of coming into the GUI and right clicking.
    Click To Filter: Opens up the filter GUI, please see the Filter spoiler for more details.

    Upgrades are pretty straight forward, 5 tiers, each upgrade increases the wireless range, the amount of blocks moved per tick and the suction area in which the hopper will pick up dropped items (3 = 3 blocks out in each direction from the hopper).


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