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    For Residence or MCMMO commands, please see their own wiki pages. - Residence - MCMMO

    General Commands (usable by everyone)

    • /mc - Activate magic carpet
    • /home - Teleport to your home (cooldown and warm up applies)
    • /sethome - Set your /home location (can also be done by sleeping in a bed)
    • /delhome - Deletes your /home location
    • /wiki - Takes you to the wiki (who'd have thought)
    • /wikires - Shows you the residence wiki
    • /wikimall - Shows you the shopkeepers wiki
    • /wikishop - Shows you the SignShop Wiki
    • /wikiMob - Shows you to the MobArena Wiki
    • /wikimcmmo - Shows you the McMMO official Wiki
    • /youtube - Takes you to a dirkocraft YT search
    • /spawn - Teleport to the spawn island
    • /main - Takes you to the main world spawn
    • /sky - Takes you to portal island (aliases /temp /end /skylands)
    • /mall - Takes you shopping
    • /Arena - Takes you to the MobArena
    • /back - Return to your last location
    • /pr i - activate the logging selection tool, left click a block to see the logs on that particular block, right click to see the logs on the block above (as if placing a block)
    • /hat - Place the item in your hand upon your head
    • /bottle - Shows the player's current XP
    • /bottle [amount] -Exchanges XP into [amount] bottles
    • /bottle max - exchanges all XP into bottles.
    • /balance - Check a player's balance. (Alias /bal)
    • /pay - Give some of your money to another player. Aliases: /transfer
      Usage: /pay <player> <amount>
    • /balancetop - Show the players on the server who have the most money. Aliases: /baltop
      Usage: /balancetop - Show the players on the server who have the most money
    • /ch g - Enter global chat
    • /ch l - enter local chat (limited to 300 blocks around you)
    • /tell <username> <message> - Send a private message to another player Alias: /w /wisper
    • /tell <username> - By leaving the message out you open up a direct 1-2-1 chat with another player, all chat sent will then be via private message. Use /ch g or /ch l to re-enter normal chat.
    • /reply - Reply to another player Alias: /r
    • /motd - view message of the day
    • /rules - see the rules
    • /seen <username> - See when a user was last online
    • /me <message> - Emote
    • /peeps, /crew, /posse /ppl - list who is online
    • /pvp - Toggles your global pvp settings on and off (please note residence has a pvp flag also see /wikires for residence flag editing)
    • /unenchant <enchant>, /disenchant <enchant>, /extract <enchant> - Extracts specified enchant from item in hand and provides you with the enchanted book.
    • /enchants - See a full list of all removable enchants and their associated ID numbers, you can use the number associated when using the above /unenchant commands instead of using the full name of the enchant itself.
    • Coloured signs! - just use the &a/&b...ect colour codes on each line to colour it!
    • Coloured NameTags! - As above use the &a/&b...ect codes when renaming anything in an Anvil to create a Coloured Name Tag.
    • /Colours and /Colors - See a list of the aforementioned Colours codes for editing Signs/Anvils
    Patron Commands (only usable by Patrons)
    • /mc tools - Activate the enderchest and crafting bench tools built into magic carpet.
    • /ep - Select the particle effect for your elytra when using the ElytraPlus boosters
    • /enderchest - Opens your enderchest.
    • /workbench - Opens a virtual workbench.
    • /skull - Gives you your own head.
    *More being added*
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